Who we are

MOMA is a team of the finest professionals, with the widest and longest experience in Motorsport Management. Across borders and countries. We’re a team who know only one planet – Planet Motorsport on Earth.

Every one of us enjoy the unique opportunity to participate in this global sport and business arena and the inherent excitement that comes from advanced technologies, powerful engines and high speeds.

Our Management

Our eclectic management team shares a common purpose – to make a meaningful and significant difference to the sport. Our high performance organisation operates effectively by continually connecting and balancing the many different functional areas and team groupings.

We bring strong capabilities to our motorsport projects through intelligent and strategic partnerships.

Our Thought Leaders

Vicky Chandhok

Chief Mentor & Head of Strategy

FIA World Motor Sports Council. FIM Delegate. FIA Sporting Commissions. ASN President, India. Veteran Racing Champion India. Vice Chairman, Indian Grand Prix

Prabha Shankar

Head of Operations & Training

FIA Sporting Commission. Secretary, Formula One Indian Grand Prix. FIA Outstanding Motorsport Official Award. MSA UK Certified Motorsport Trainer. Co-founder and Chief Trainer of the Indian Motorsport Marshals Club. Technologist, Engineer

Karun Chandhok

Head of Motorsport

Formula One Driver, Le Mans, GP2, Formula E, etc. FIA Drivers Commission. 4 years<br /> Formula E Street Circuit Safety responsibility. Motorsport Mentor. TV Commentator, Public Speaker, Columnist