Motorsport Marketing

Motorsport gathers the highest profile of individuals looking to leverage B2B and networking opportunities in one of the most affluent environments in professional entertainment. With proper activation, motorsport marketing spends offer a great opportunity for communicating to buyers in an emotional and rational way.

There are plenty of marketing agencies who can talk when it comes to providing you with the services to market, promote and communicate your business. At MOMA, we possess tons of experience backed by global credentials in delivering the marketing for a range of businesses. More significantly, we’re also passionate about motor racing and automotive. In other words, petrol heads – just like you!

At MOMA, we are keenly aware of the potential of B2B for brands through motorsport events and engagements. Motorsport offers one of the world’s most exclusive and contained networking platforms, and MOMA applies its detailed knowledge of the sport to enable customers to maximise their potential business revenue in a number of ways:

• B2B review of opportunities
• B2B strategy creation & implementation
• B2B event organisation and hosting including Prestige Hospitality
• B2B communications
• Initiate and host B2B meetings

Our flexible range of services will fit neatly around your business’s needs. What’s more everything we do is guaranteed to be vibrant, creative, cost effective and delivered with passion. Some services to consider:

• Motorsport weekend marketing support (live tweeting, status updates and guest liaison)
• Creating and publishing unique content for sponsors and guests (to keep their clients involved) pre and post-race/event weekend
• PR
• Digital services
• Day-to-day marketing (website updates, social media updates)
• Sponsorship and manufacturer seeking and communication

A quick look at our flagship projects and you’ll immediately see why we can make a big difference in your marketing campaigns.