Customer experience

We know customers are now more diverse than ever before and these differences are experienced in several ways. Diversity encompasses anything that is different about individuals and businesses. We believe the customer experience is not simply about the moment of a sign-up; rather there a number of factors that lead up to it and the experience continues long after the ink has dried out on the contract .

People and businesses are not “one size fits all,” and therefore, one sweeping customer service approach isn’t going to cut it when it comes to satisfying- much less delighting – a diverse group of customers. We take pride in the ability to delight and engage the Customers that our competitors don’t understand.

At MOMA, we prefer listening to customers rather than telling them what they want. We determine what matters most to our customer as opposed to what we as a company thinks matters. We endeavour to find out what matters to our customer and then make it matter to our company. We must never stop finding ways to better serve our customers. We simply focus on the customer rather than the contract.

Persistence, Patience and Purpose

We persistently develop strategies around the purpose defined by our customers and are then prepared to be patient – we know, results take time.

We are firm believers of the principle that Business isn’t about dealing with the world on your terms. It’s about dealing with the world the way the world is. We’re focussed on delivering value to customers and stay proactive in getting our customers what they need.