Brand Activations

Motorsport – It’s high adrenaline activation for your brand

We aim is to make your brand stand out while allowing you time to do what you do best. With our team of in house creative motorsport professionals, we are able to provide everything necessary for an automotive brand to truly stand out in the current dynamic industry.

We’re heavily involved in automotive events and motorsport and our accrued specialist knowledge allows us to create high quality branding that appeals to consumers, auto businesses and potential commercial partners.

When you work with MOMA, you have the support of our entire team. We learn the businesses of our clients so that we can deliver your message to the right audience.

We believe  in the business of building brand equity through integrated motorsports marketing communications and always find a perfect fit to the brand, its activation objectives and are able to bring it out effectively through activity on track, off-course and through motorsport.

We ensure motorsport creates a unique and custom platform that targets your brand to a broad demographic with proven global reach. MOMA functions as a full-service promotion agency and ensures that client expectations are met in all phases of brand activations through motorsport.

Leading brands worldwide know that leveraging motorsport enables them achieve their sales and marketing objectives.