MOMA Motorsport Management

Motorsport means the world

Hello! We’re Asia’s leading motorsport management specialist with global credentials, world-class domain experience and local expertise. We’re the go-to people for leading automobile brands seeking experiential marketing solutions that leverage speed, motion and driver skills in a safe environment.


We’ve worked with some of the biggest and best-known racing championships (Formula One F1, T1 Prima Truck Racing) and automotive events (Mercedes Luxe Drive) and marquees (Nissan GT-R) in the motorsport marketplace.


We deploy only the most experienced motorsport professionals and sports marketing experts. MOMA provides intelligent, personalised and highly cost-effective services from out of India and the United Kingdom. We’re great at delivering reliable and flawless services for:


  • Formula One Grand Prix – F1
  • Championship Management – Drivers, Circuits, Logistics, Race Operations, Regulations – the whole gamut.
  • Truck Racing Championship – T1
  • Driver Training Programmes
  • Performance Drives and Customer Experiences
  • Brand Activations and Corporate Track Days


Motorsport clients love our comprehensive offering and end-to-end approach – from a simple spark in the mind to the big picture at cloud-level and down to the tiniest details on the ground.


We’re proud of our all-encompassing passion for just about everything that revolves around motorsport. We do nothing by half-measures. We are, in a word, driven. Totally.


We believe our team is the best in the motorsport business, but we’ll leave you to be the judge. Motorsport means the world to MOMA.


Go ahead, reach out to us. We promise you, it’ll make our day, as well as yours! 🙂

Motorsport Events, Championship Management

Welcome to Formula 1 standard of motorsport management. Yes, the same pinnacle of excellence that F1 is renowned for. We powered the Indian Grand Prix for 3 years, two of which won the ‘best organised F1 Grand Prix’ award.

Motorsport as a sport and a business, takes a huge commitment and unrelenting effort in all areas. MOMA knows only too well, that the scale of the ‘show’ in a motorsport event is simply enormous and the logistics of this are astonishing. Simply put, MOMA excels at succeeding in the challenging environment of top-level global motorsport. at home and overseas.

Motorsport Marketing

MOMA is a global motorsport specialist. We’ve worked with some of the biggest and best-known events and brands in the motorsport marketplace, and on many successful sponsorship programmes.

By deploying only, the most experienced sports marketing professionals and keeping our operation lean, we provide our clients with an intelligent, personalised and highly cost-effective service.

Driver Training

A solid, accomplished team of FIA-certified driver trainers makes our driver development programme unique in scope and outcomes. We’ve demonstrated success in numbers in transforming drivers from the highway to the racers on speedway, for cars and trucks (yes, those huge monsters with more than 4 wheels – trucks!). Our instructors provide opportunities for potential drivers to make it into racing. Our racecraft training not only enhance competition driving skills, but create a well-rounded race driver.

Specialist Motorsport Professionals

MOMA is a team of the finest professionals in Motorsport Management. Across borders and countries. We’re a team who know only one planet – Planet Motorsport on Earth.